History doesn’t write itself, so…

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the past altering our futures.  I realized something:  some of my most poignant and meaningful experiences were the ones recorded in some medium.  Like home movies, right?  We love them because we can revisit who we used to be, we can chart who we’ve become over time.  The shift in our attitudes, motivations and behaviors become obvious.  The nonlinearity of our experience settles into a more acceptable rhythm.  So, of course, for the same reason that bloggers around the world have done it before, I need not only an outlet for my thoughts, but also a book of life, because far too often, I feel, genius can escape us not for a scarcity of creativity and innovation, but rather for lack of pen and paper (or keyboard and computer).   So this is it.  Follow it if you like it, if you find something relevant and useful for your own life.


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